Dodge City

"Tom Clavin has produced a sharp picture of the brief but vivid culture of the
nineteenth-century cattle towns.".

Larry McMurtry, author of "Lonesome Dove"

"Enthusiastically written with all the page-turning drive of a modern thriller."

Loren Estleman, author of "Bloody Season"


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Valley Forge

“Here is a beautiful book about a dire passage in our country's history, a time of supreme reckoning that revealed some of the first stirrings of our national character. Through muscular prose grounded in meticulous research, Drury and Clavin capture all the tribulations of that storied winter encampment, and show us how Washington, in his finest hour, managed to pull his bedraggled army—and the revolution itself—from the brink of disaster.”

Hampton Sides, bestelling author of In the Kingdom of Ice and On Desperate Ground

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Wild Bill

Coming February 2019!